Wildly Good

We’re wild at heart. Single origin, craft cold brew that’s smooth and never bitter. Made by hand, to taste, in Boston, Massachusetts. Available in kegs and soon growlers. Our cold brew’s robust flavor speaks for itself, taste it and become a Wild Child.

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Bars, restaurants, cafes, venues of all sorts… People want coffee. Why not serve the best? Available in kegs for easy install and changing out, our craft Cold Brew is only a pull away.

Different Beans,
Different Flavors.

Java, Catuai, Pacamara, Hybrids, not all beans taste the same. At Wild Child we offer a range of flavors from different beans and processes. Honey, cocoa, fruits and citrus. The variety of flavor notes is remarkable.

Clean Process

Start by only using the highest quality single-origin coffee, harvested under strict social and environmental guidelines.

Grind fresh, brew for 24 hours, triple filter, sample and adjust to taste. Restart if necessary and keep cold at all times.

Fill keg with the smoothest, most flavorful cold brew allowed by law. Deliver to your place of business.

Dedicated to the Craft.

We make our Cold Brew in small batches, by hand with only the best single-origin, freshly roasted coffee. Why? We put quality above all. Consistency is key and flavor reigns supreme. 

Don't Take Our Word For It.

"I usually drink cold brew with cream and sugar, but this is too good for that."

"Wow there's no bitterness at all! It's so smooth."

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